Utilizing a probability based marketing philosophy, Rooks Advertising can produce and mail the most effective direct marketing campaigns to support your sales efforts. Direct Mail is an effective tool to drive customers to your business. We create a mail piece and target your market with a mailing list of individuals who are most likely to purchase a product or service from your business. This way, you don’t waste your time sending out a blanket mailing that people are not interested in. Your Return on Investment becomes higher. At Rooks Advertising, we know who your customers are!

Custom Mailers
Custom mailers can accommodate many types of products and uses. (MORE)
Flyers Fliers
Announce a sale, open house or other limited-time event, flyers are frequently used to communicate quickly and inexpensively. (MORE)
Post card marketing is inexpensive yet highly effective. (MORE)
Self Mailers
Self-mailers are extremely effective at selling products and services and generating leads. (MORE)
Even in the Internet Age, marketing and promotional letters get results, if they’re done correctly. (MORE)


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